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In the website we have proportionately used the term Skyland or 'us' or 'we' which clearly signifies authenticity of the website's owner whose registered headquarters is at the 466 17th Gmain 80 Feet Main Rd,kOramangla 6th Block Bangalore-India. Flahing a bit detail about the conditions the word 'you' means the end-user or the visitor of our website.

For using the website it's needed to follow the below given terms of use accordingly:

The stuffs present in the given pages of this website is strictly for your general and overall lowdown and usage only even as the same could change, excluding any circular present or whatsoever.

This website has appropriately made use of cookies by keeping sole view on the browsing choices of its guests and clients. In any other case if you authorize make usage of the cookies, then likewise we can preserve private data for getting used by third parties:

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Moreover, in a clear view either the team of Skyland nor any third parties serves any assurance or any agreement involving the exactness, appropriateness, performance, accomplishment, or suitability of the figures and contents found or presented here on this website for any specific object. It's mandatory to accept that such data and content could contain some chunks of inaccuracies or mistakes even as we clearly resist from taking any liability for any such incorrectness or mistakes.

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Copying of any materials or contents present on the site are strictly prohibited, except in reconciliation with the notice of copyright, which includes a major component of the provided terms & conditions. This material includes--though is not deprived to-- the overall design, stakes of arrangement, appearances, and form as well as including illustrations. All trademarks simulated in this site--which may not be the property of, or affiliated to the individual operating this--are candidly accepted here on this site. Any illegal or unethical state of action on this site could deliberately redirect for harms and/or be an unlawful activity. Furthermore, this website could also contain some links to some other websites even as these are given for your comfort ability to offer additional facts. It does not, thereby mean that we endorse the website, and we accept no credibility or liability whatsoever for the material carried on the sites which could be linked. Your usage of this site--and any sort of disagreement emerging out of such usage--is subject to the Indian laws subsequently.

Using this site for a doing a layout does not, by design, bring about advisor-client or consultant-client association with the guest/reader/end-user. An advisor-client or consultant-client association is present and will continue to be subject to a bond of commitment suitably agreed and linked between the two involved individual groups. All these terms & conditions of such an agreed and linked includes the appropriate contact of engagement--for employing the services offered by Skyland as an advisor which is fully free of the terms & conditions for making use of the site imperatively. Since the deal of engagement could be contradictory, and vary from each individual concerned clients, so it remains the job of the end-user/reader/guest/visitor to ask for a copy of the bond of obligation which will be relevant in his/her individual case.

However, any type of reconstruction or copy of part, or overall contents, in any form is strictly not allowed, other than all these as follows:

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